Louetta Cartwright was a castaway on Paradise: Ka Lani Mai.

Despite her lacking physical performance, Louetta managed to survive the pre-merge easily. She played an amazing social game, making friends with most of the people she played the game with and forming strong bonds with both Trinidad Feuer and Ozelle Maffa early on (both of whom she later betrayed). She also orchestrated one of the pivotal moves of the game when she flipped on the Original Niuhi Alliance to give the opposing Original O Ka Wepa the numbers. However, she made no other significant game moves and seemed to be a coattail rider for much of the game. She managed to survive all the way to the Final Tribal Council with only a single vote against her, but she only earned two votes, being beaten out by Elinore Gannon in a 5-2-0 vote between herself, Elinore, and Sid Voorhies due to disloyalty and less masterful gameplay compared to Elinore's.