Rickardo Alvarez was a castaway from Paradise: Ka Lani Mai.

Rickardo was a fan favorite from his season due to his laid back personality and willingness to joke around. His amiable and calming disposition, along with his rather good physical prowess, helped catapult him to the merge with ease. There, he became part of the O Ka Wepa Majority after Louetta's flip, and cemented himself as a strong and dangerous player. However, his personality helped him skate by until the Final Five. There, he won an Immunity, possibly saving his life in the game. Upon reaching the finale episode, Rickardo failed to win the Final Immunity, while the bigges threat remaining, eventual winner Elinore Gannon, was safe with it. That left him the most viable threat, and the other three castaways ganged up on him and sent him out one Tribal shy of the Final Tribal Council.