Sid Voorhies was a castaway on Paradise: Ka Lani Mai.

Sid was pretty average in nearly every facet of the game. He wasn't superiorly athletic, but he did manage to win an Immunity and do well in several challenges. He was a plotter, but not overly so. He also made good social connections, but was also easily manipulated and had an abrasive, often offensive, and very dramatic personality. Despite his grating personality, Sid managed to dodge bullets and survive all the way until the Final Tribal Council. His erratic personality was what would spell doom for him, however, along with the fact that he made few game moves and mostly rode on coattails to the finish. Therefore, he received no votes from the jury, losing the game to Elinore Gannon along with fellow runner-up Louetta Cartwright in a 5-2-0 vote.